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  • Activities Coordinator Familiarisation

    A general introduction to the role with signposting to current best practice and identification of appropriate resources.

  • Anaphylaxis

    This short course identifies triggers, signs and first aid for this life threatening condition

  • Autism Awareness

    This will give the learner an understanding of the condition and tips on working with individuals who have this


    This sensitive session is intended to support those who have lost loved ones. Please note that candidates may find this difficult, or impossible, if the loss is within the last 12 months.

  • Care Certificate

    Please call us to discuss your needs and how we can help

    01623 846809.

  • Cerebral Palsy

    The learner will gain an understanding of the reasons for acquiring the condition, along with ways of supporting those with the condition.

  • Challenging Behaviour

    This short course is delivered by industry professionals who will help workers examine methods of managing and channelling behaviour toward a positive result.

  • Child Protection

    find out about the latest understanding and procedures in this vital area.

  • Choking Prevention And First Aid

    Identify those at risk and learn how to save a life.

  • Control Of Substances Hazardous To Health

    The learner will be able to demonstrate competence and the employer due diligence.

  • Communication and Record Keeping

    This is essential to demonstrate compliance with CQC.

  • Dementia

    Training aimed at understanding the condition and giving practical skills to maintain health for longer.

  • Dementia Advanced

    This programme will give staff a deeper understanding of working with people who have this condition. Practical skills will enhance the care given.

  • Diabetes

    The learner will understand the types and known causes along with how to manage the condition and emergencies.

  • Eating Disorders

    This programme examines causes and treatment options, along with ways of supporting individuals who have this condition.

  • Epilepsy

    This programme examines known causes, treatment options and practical support options.

  • Fall Prevention

    This comprehensive course looks at risks and gives the learner a practical working knowledge of support options.


    This course will ensure staff have an up to date knowledge of current legislation and best practice.

  • First Aid

    Accredited by our examining board or by us call for more information 01623 846809.

  • Food Safety

    Accredited by us or examining board dependent upon you needs. Call us 01623 846809.

  • Health And Safety

    This subject is brought to life by our experienced trainers.

  • Infection Control

    This will give staff relevant knowledge to minimise Infections and show due diligence, thus lead to compliance.

  • Learning Disability

    Candidates on this short course will learn the know causes and gain an understanding in to supporting individuals with this condition.

  • Medication Essential

    This short course gives staff the knowledge they require in order to administer Medication. Please note that a competent person in the workplace will need to observe and record competence in order to show compliance.

  • Medication Advanced

    This short course is aimed at those responsible for ordering and auditing, thus evidencing compliance.

  • MCA and DOLS

    We have an industry recognised expert who delivers this in a clear understandable manner with examples that can be used in the workplace.

  • Mental Health

    Our mental health trainer has delivered courses up to level 4 in several Colleges. The learning will be specific to your group`s needs.

  • Moving and Handling

    Our trainer has many year`s experience in this field. She has appeared as an expert witness in court. Her training is very hands on and learners complete a workbook which evidences knowledge and competence. The workbook is to be kept on the staff file as it exceeds due diligence in case of litigation.

  • Nutrition and Hydration

    Huge emphasis is given to this subject in inspections. Rightly so. This course gives staff all the tools they need to demonstrate compliance.

  • Palliative Care

    An inspiring and sympathetic examination of the process, along with practical and humane suggestions to support both the staff and patient, whilst supporting the relatives.


  • Parkinson’s

    Staff will gain an understanding of the disease whilst updating skills.


    The aim for any care environment should be no pressure Sores. This short course gives staff knowledge and practical skills to prevent them.

  • Safeguarding

    This course looks at the different kinds of abuse, how to recognise and report.

  • Stroke

    This short course looks at how to recognise a stroke and give first aid. This is followed up by methods of supporting individuals who have had a stroke.

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